We will teach you how dogs learn and help you to develop a consistent communication process. We will create a common language that gives you direction and empowers you to respond appropriately in different situations.

Our training courses teach you how to understand your puppy and help him develop into a happy, confident dog - putting structure, consistency, and exercise into your training programme.

Training options for new puppy owners  

We offer a range of training options so you can choose the most appropriate for your own circumstances. Our customers describe training with our behaviour experts as fun, family friendly, fast-paced with techniques that work. Since you will learn by doing, you leave the programme knowing what to do and with the confidence that you can do it.

Come and learn how to:

  • Understand and listen to your puppy
  • Raise and build confidence in your puppy
  • Develop a relationship built on trust and understanding
  • Train and enjoy your puppy

Having positive socialisation with exposure to new situations, people, other animals and environments is essential. Your key socialisation window is between 3-12 weeks, with a tapering effect to 18 weeks, which will establish how your puppy handles new situations as it grows into an adult.


  • Basic – 5 Week Puppy Course

    Join our 5-week interactive puppy training classes

    Held in a relaxed environment for both owners and puppies to enjoy. The course runs for an hour a week with small class sizes and two instructors available to provide help and advice, so everyone receives enough attention.

    • Friendly, professional instructors with experience, empathy and energy
    • Great exposure for puppies – new situation, new environment, distractions
    • Covers key essential life skills
    • Weekly Summary E-mails / Q&A sessions / Prevention of Common Problems

    Cost £120

    Picking our Puppy Package or Comprehensive Package combines classes with 1-2-1 tuition. Our clients on these packages show accelerated learning and the ability to apply good techniques and therefore make more significant progress with their training. Puppies are like sponges and early experiences set the rules for the future – don’t miss this window of opportunity.

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  • Puppy Package

    5 Week Puppy Course + A Home Visit

    Knowledge, and simple planning, can make a huge difference to how your dog’s personality develops.

    In the home visit we will look at your set-up and daily management practices to ensure you are steering your pup in a positive direction from the outset. Your puppy’s early experiences will significantly influence his behaviour, his relationship with you and your family, and his emotional development.

    We will discuss common problems, how to mitigate them and teach you the best practices to begin a long and happy relationship with your dog.

    You will not need any “No’s” or “Ah, Ah’s”, if you manage correctly. You will be showing them ‘What to do’ rather than ‘What not to do’ after your home visit.

    It is an hour and half session which is tailored to your needs and those of your puppy. Some vital areas covered:

    • Toilet Training
    • Crate Training
    • Daily Routines
    • Feeding, mental challenges and exercise
    • Making the most of the key socialisation window 8-12 weeks
    • Starting Key Foundation Behaviours
    • Putting positive patterns in place
    • How Dogs Learn
    • Implementing a consistent communication method
    • Deliver rewards effectively, safely and with confidence


    Cost £175-£200

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  • Comprehensive Package

    5 Week Puppy Course, Home Visit + 3 further sessions

    All packages will have further information leaflets on material which is not covered in the 5-week puppy course.

    This has all the benefits of the Puppy Package with the inclusion of outdoor 1-2-1 tuition which ensures that early exposure to new situations and stimuli, including people and animals, is positive. This will provide you with techniques to build confidence and avoid some of the common mistakes. It will teach you to have an awareness of your pup’s body signals and the associated emotions, how to ensure we build positively on familiarisation with outdoor experiences e.g. children, traffic, wildlife, people, noises, novel items such as wheelie bins etc. Outdoor training and engagement are essential right from the start to create the emotions and behaviour you want for the future.

    Our comprehensive package allows for further training outside to help you build tools to manage your walks effectively. Developing handling skills for lead walking as well as station training games which will give you multiple ways to recall your dog and help make your walks interactive and fun.

    Cost £300 – £370

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  • Private 1-2-1 Puppy Package

    Initial Home Visit (1,5hrs) and 3 further 1hr sessions

    Taking on a new puppy is a big responsibility which can feel a little overwhelming at first. Our initial home visit provides you with the knowledge to manage your puppy positively.

    You are responsible for helping them gain an understanding of the world around them and providing them with enough experiences, so that in the future, as an adult dog, they can cope with any new and unexpected situations. We will help you understand their primary method of learning and how they are forming emotions and responses to everything that is happening around them. This will give you the ability to read their body language which is so important for developing 2-way communication and a trusting relationship

    We will cover:

    • Daily management practices
    • How to Minimise Play Biting
    • What to do between 8-12 weeks
    • Managing Socialisation Correctly
    • Providing Mental Challenges
    • Establish a 2-way communication
    • Foundation Behaviours
    • Managing your walks
    • Station Training – to engage your puppy and control arousal levels

    Cost: £245 – £325

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  • Residential Training

    A two or four week stay at Click-2-Heel

    Want your puppy to get off to the right start? Timing of the right litter happens to be in a busy period or during holiday?

    Not a problem, at Click-2-Heel we offer various residential packages to ensure your puppy gets the right start in life. We will be able to see what the breeder hasn’t covered during the socialisation window and get to work on exposure to improve their confidence.

    Your puppy will receive 4 training sessions a day, have rest time for growth and downloading the events of the day as well as structured socialisation with unfamiliar objects, situations, noises, places, dogs, people and children.

    We provide early lessons in toilet training, crate training, and managing play biting to ensure they are soft-mouthed which are all vital for their future development. You will be amazed at how much your puppy learns.  We will do a 2-hour hand-over session and provide information leaflets which will cover all that your puppy has learnt. Continuation to develop your skills can take place via 1-2-1 Training or through the group classes that we offer.

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