Harness your dog’s instinct to find, flush and retrieve!

Gundog training harnesses the natural instincts of working breeds in their desire to find, flush and retrieve prey.

In our Gundog foundations course you will learn:


  • About the principles and practices of gundog training.
  • How your dog’s natural instincts work and how to harness these.
  • To motivate and train your dog using both food and toy rewards.
  • To improve your dog’s impulse control, self-control and focus.
  • To advance your dog’s heelwork and lead control skills.
  • About the role of whistle cues and building a strong recall.
  • To build your dog’s ability in anticipatory stillness.
  • To increase your dog’s ability to settle and switch-off around distractions.
  • To develop a clean hold as a core foundation of a solid retrieve.