The course will develop your understanding of how dogs think and learn and enable you to build their confident through play, development of social and learning skills, building trust in handling, establishing a 2-way communication and developing tools and techniques which will ensure your puppy builds on positive experiences.

The online training course is a comprehensive program to help you gain the knowledge you need to raise a well balanced and confident dog.

Having a consistent approach and giving your puppy the direction they need will ensure you have a happy dog that is a pleasure to live with.

This is 8hrs of training via pre recorded video and printable PDFs which would be equivalant to 20hrs of 1-2-1 training. A comprehensive way of gaining knowledge and seeing the bigger picture. Price will remain at £79 during social distancing period

This Option comes with 2hrs of 1-2-1 video conferencing which will help you with practical application and provide support on issues specific to your puppy and situation

Courses are now available!

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