At Click-2-Heel, we bring a practical and focussed approach to dealing with behavioural problems, supported by our understanding of the science of learning theory. With 30 years of experience behind us, our instincts are tuned to help you and your dog to resolve issues in an effective and lasting way.

Work with specialised trainers to implement a behavioural modification programme to change your dog’s response and emotions in varying situations.

We understand that behavioural problems are upsetting and can be difficult to live with and manage. We will take the time to listen, understand and analyse the problem and why it is occurring. We will recommend and provide support for an effective modification or training programme to help your dog change their emotional state.

Training tailored to the needs of your dog and you

Behaviour problems often have their roots in negative association or fear. At Click-2-Heel we work with you on a 1–2–1 basis using science based positive methodology.

Some of the behaviour problems we see include:

Dog Issues to dog to people aggression Dog to human aggression
General nervousness and anxiety Anxiety related to medical treatment
Separation anxiety Resource guarding
Inappropriate chase behaviour Destructive behaviour
Excessive barking Obsessive behaviours
Over excitement in greeting people Over excitement in greeting dogs

In order to treat them, it is important to understand the dog’s underlying emotional and psychological state associated with the behaviour as part of the treatment plan. Changing the dog’s emotions is an essential first step in a behavioural modification or alternative training programme. In the majority of cases, there are no quick fixes. It takes time, patience and a step-by-step approach to change and modify behaviour. Your understanding, and ability to be consistent, is key to success, and we give you the confidence you need to support and train your dog effectively.
The process will present challenges – to both you and your dog – but, as new skills are learned, you will discover it to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Please note that behavioural issues can be an indication of a medical problem, which can only be diagnosed by a vet. If you have not been referred to us by your vet, it is important that your dog has been examined to rule out any underlying issues. Knowing all of the relevant factors can help us to decide on the best treatment approach.

Treatment programme

Each programme is tailored specifically to you and your dog but typically a plan follows this structure.

Step 1


Collect Background Information
Observe your dog and your interactions with your dog
Identify any triggering factors for the unwanted behaviour
Step 2


Understand how dogs learn
How to communicate with your dog
Develop initial treatment steps
Step 3


Collect feedback on progress so far
Develop further treatment steps
Practice handling skills
Step 4

Continuing Support

Improving your handling skills
Advancing your knowledge
Building confidence applying techniques

We will tailor a plan just for you and the specific needs of your dog so costs will vary.

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