The Courses

  • Essential Life Skills

    We all love our dogs and want them to be happy. Most of you will have done some puppy foundations to begin developing their learning skills. At Click-2-Heel we want to help you take your foundations further, growing your dog’s ability to cope with different situations and taking connection with your dog in a new level.

    Further your knowledge and learn how to implement step by step training to everyday challenges such as leadwork, recall and confidence building.

    What are Essential Life Skills?

    Click-to-Heel’s Essential Life Skills programme covers all the skills and behaviours you and your dog need to build a trusting relationship.

    We help you develop skills not just behaviours – how to relax when you are relaxing, confident and happy to be handled and how-to behaviour in different environmental situations. Does it matter if your dog sits on first command if it then runs off and knocks over children?

    We don’t just train your dog, we train YOU to train your dog, giving you the confidence and assurance to continue with good practice after as well as during the class.

    We will discuss and help you with areas that are impacting on day to day life and help you implement good practices. Working with both your strengths and the strengths of your dog to ensure you develop understanding to have the happy well-balanced dog you want in your life.