There is a course for you

Do you need help with pulling on the lead, getting a recall amongst distraction or want to put their nose and tracking ability to good use? There is a course for you.


All courses are designed to enhance your relationship with your dog and teach you how to establish and maintain a clear communication process.

Take a look below at the range of courses we offer

The courses are held at venues in the Bracknell / Wokingham area.

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The Courses

  • Recall/Leadwork


    Leadwork and Recall are key skills that can make your walks so much more enjoyable. This course will look at building a variety of recall cues which will increase engagement levels and make your walks more interactive.

    We will look at various leadwork methods including walking within the proximity of the lead and a focused walk by your side which is great to have on cue when your dog is off lead or on lead in busy areas

    • Increasing engagement levels through fun positive training
    • Develop lead walking techniques looking at a variety of positive training solutions
    • Gain confidence and knowledge in the individual training steps to success
    • Multiple recall cues including whistle and emergency cues
    • Increase recall speed with fast, fun games
    • Making you training

    Course notes will be provided each week with recommended homework

  • Hoopers

    Looking for a fun activity for you and your dog to enjoy together?

    Whether it’s for fun and games or to lead to entry into competition, hoopers is a fun and sociable activity providing physical and mental challenge, helping to grow the bond between you and your dog.

    Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels with the same fun appeal as agility. But the courses are all at ground level (with no jumping) and are flowing and don’t involve tight turns – making it lower impact and more accessible for everyone!

    • Develop your training skills and extend the range of fun activities you can do with your dog; you might just catch the Hoopers Bug!
    • Learn about the equipment used in Hoopers and the skills you will need to navigate simple courses
    • Build your dog’s skills around forward focus and understanding directional cues
    • Help your dog learn to train and focus around other dogs
    • A great way to bond with your dog and great for your dog’s coordination skills and fitness
    • All exercises are low impact and are suitable for young dogs (from 6 months)
    • Course notes will be provided each week with recommended homework
  • Gundog Training

    Harness your dog’s instinct to find, flush and retrieve!

    Gundog training harnesses the natural instincts of working breeds in their desire to find, flush and retrieve prey.

    In our Gundog foundations course you will learn:


    • About the principles and practices of gundog training.
    • How your dog’s natural instincts work and how to harness these.
    • To motivate and train your dog using both food and toy rewards.
    • To improve your dog’s impulse control, self-control and focus.
    • To advance your dog’s heelwork and lead control skills.
    • About the role of whistle cues and building a strong recall.
    • To build your dog’s ability in anticipatory stillness.
    • To increase your dog’s ability to settle and switch-off around distractions.
    • To develop a clean hold as a core foundation of a solid retrieve.
  • Scentwork Training

    Learn to tap into your dog’s amazing superpower!

    Scentwork is a much-loved dog sport that is accessible to all. Be warned though, it can be addictive! You only need to watch your dog out on a walk to know that scent is their primary world. But it’s only when you learn to challenge your dog with scent searches, that you’ll really discover just what a superpower your dog possesses.

    In our scentwork foundations course you will learn to:

    •  Introduce your dog to a target odour.
    • Understand how scent plumes and your dog’s nose work.
    • Create scented search articles.
    • Motivate and train your dog to find the target odour.
    • Hide the search article and build increasingly challenging searches.
    • Teach your dog how to indicate their find.
    • Guide your dog around search areas and read their find indication.