There is a course for you

Do you need help with pulling on the lead, getting a recall amongst distraction or want to put their nose and tracking ability to good use? There is a course for you.


All courses are designed to enhance your relationship with your dog and teach you how to establish and maintain a clear communication process.

Take a look below at the range of courses we offer

The courses are held at venues in the Bracknell / Wokingham area.

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The Courses

  • Recall/Leadwork


    Leadwork and Recall are key skills that can make your walks so much more enjoyable. This course will look at building a variety of recall cues which will increase engagement levels and make your walks more interactive.

    We will look at various leadwork methods including walking within the proximity of the lead and a focused walk by your side which is great to have on cue when your dog is off lead or on lead in busy areas

    • Increasing engagement levels through fun positive training
    • Develop lead walking techniques looking at a variety of positive training solutions
    • Gain confidence and knowledge in the individual training steps to success
    • Multiple recall cues including whistle and emergency cues
    • Increase recall speed with fast, fun games
    • Making you training

    Course notes will be provided each week with recommended homework

  • Agility

    Looking for a fun activity for you and your dog to enjoy together?

    Whether it’s for fun and games or to lead to entry into competition, agility training is a fun and sociable activity providing physical and mental challenge, helping to grow the bond between you and your dog.

    It will provide you with activities to do out on walks promoting engagement and interest in activities you have to offer.

    Agility uses a variety of obstacles, such as jumps, tunnels and poles, the dog is trained to go around a course within a certain time guided only by the handler’s voice, movement and body signals.

    Click-2-Heel’s agility foundation course includes:

    • Handling your dog in an agility class where arousal levels can be high
      Teaching you skills that are transferable to real life situations
      Ensuring your dog is able to learn and focus doing activities in close proximity to other dogs
    • Foundation skills for focus and engagement
    • Ground Work Skills
    • Use of the Basic Equipment
    • All exercises are low impact and are suitable for young dogs (from 6 months)
    • Course notes will be provided each week with recommended homework
  • Interative Outdoor Games

    A great fun activity to do with your dog anywhere, anytime!


    This course is packed full of games that you can enjoy on your walks together:

    • Recall Games
    • Scent Games
    • How to utilise things in the environment
    • Confidence Building Games
    • Using Environmental Cues to your benefit
    • Use of Food and Toy rewards


    Join us and make your walks more interesting

  • Real Life Course

    Develop Tools and Training Techniques to make your walks enjoyable

    This course has been developed to give you the skills to manage your walks effectively. We target real life situations by taking the training into everyday environments to ensure your walks are relaxed and enjoyable. We will improve your handling skills, develop training tools and learn and apply management techniques to ensure your dog is gaining confidence in varied situations.

    It is a fantastic course to build confidence in younger dogs and a great opportunity to increase engagement and responsiveness making positive improvements to your walks.
    You will learn techniques that enable you to manage situations ensuring positive outcomes in varied situations.

    • Putting Good Management Practices into place
    • Develop your dog’s confidence with different environmental stimulus
    • Understanding body language and your dog’s emotional mind-set
    • Increasing engagement with our Station Training Games
    • Providing mental challenges to promote a healthy mind-set
    • Recall, Leadwork
    • Build training tools and learning when and how to use them
    • Building and employing training tools effectively

    This course will give you the skills to make your walks more interactive and manage situations positively by gaining an understanding of your dog’s strengths and weaknesses.
    Course notes will be provided each week with recommended homework