Therapaws Canine Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre website

Just wanted to let you know that the Therapaws Canine Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre website has been updated.

Therapaws (owned by Di Martin of Click2Heel) opened in 2011 and features purpose-built facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog at all times. In June 2018 we extended our facilities to include an underwater treadmill enabling us to broaden the range of treatment techniques we can offer

Therapaws mission is to provide a unique service to our clients and referring vets. Above all, we work hard to ensure that all our clients are made as comfortable as possible, creating a relaxed environment to encourage trust from both the dog and their owner.

We believe that hydrotherapy should be enjoyable as well as being beneficial. A qualified hydrotherapist is in the water with your dog at all times, and we pride ourselves in making the experience as much fun as possible so dogs want to come back! The warm, filtered water is tested three times a day to ensure safe, optimal conditions for your dog. Our staff are dedicated to providing a stress-free, safe and friendly environment for your dog in order to aid a quick recovery and improve fitness.