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Together with my good friend and colleague Kamal Fernandez, I have created a new joint venture… Marka Training. Marka Training is the new home for passionate dog lovers who want to start a career, or expand their career, in dog training.

Whether you’ve never worked with dogs before, work as a dog walker, have an independent dog training business or work at a groomers, kennels or vet and wish you could prevent people making obvious training mistakes, we want to hear from you.

Our dream is to build a nationwide family of high-quality trainers that love their work and bring out the best in their clients and dogs. We are hand-picking a team of potential new trainers to join us in raising the bar in the quality of dog training.

Through our programme of teaching and mentoring, we will give you the practical skills, knowledge and confidence to help owners learn the modern foundations of dog training. You will become a competent trainer in your own right, and will also be able to observe, translate and teach – to enable dog-owning clients to learn and improve their own skills.

We will dive into all the key principles and fundamentals of modern, science-based training. You will learn about relationship building, mechanical skills, engagement, timing, reinforcement, confidence building and conditioning. All the core aspects that help owners and their dogs to develop strong relationships for a happy life together.

When it comes to training dogs and their owners, your people skills are just as important as your dog training skills. Our training programme will also cover the skills you will need from active listening, motivational skills and presentation styles, to being the best version of yourself.

Our Marka Training Academy will take you on a personalised journey to becoming a professional dog trainer, with the goal of setting you up with a sustainable career at the heart of your local community.

Check out the Marka Training website for more information.

Di Martin