Click-2-Heel’s philosophy of dog training is based on 30 years experience.

We use fair, kind and effective training techniques. These techniques have been scientifically proven to be the most effective in raising confident, predictable dogs.

How we work

Click-2-Heel’s current philosophy of dog training is based on 30 years experience. We use fair, kind and effective training techniques.  These techniques have been scientifically proven to be the most effective in raising confident, predictable dogs. We aim to teach you about this science, how it has advanced our knowledge in dog training techniques and how it can be applied to develop a well balanced, confident and responsive dog that is a joy to be with.

Whereas previously dog training techniques were based on pack theory, now studies on learning and behaviour have shown that undesirable behaviours exist because they are either reinforced or created due to lack of understanding.

All our training is about building a relationship of trust and respect between you and your dog and this is done through:

Interpreting your dog’s body language

By understanding what your dog is telling you by interpreting their body language, you can respond appropriately to build their confidence and develop trust.

Learning what motivates your dog

We use food, play and life rewards to enhance learning, lower stress and associate human hands with good things.

Positive Reinforcement

competitive dogDogs are motivated to perform a behaviour by the opportunity to earn a reward that they desire e.g. food, praise, physical petting or play to ensure that the behaviour we like is repeated. You will learn about the impact of timing and delivery of reward and, in time, how to direct the dog into a positive outcome without rewards.

Clear and Concise Cues

We teach a dog what ‘to do’ as opposed to what ‘not to do’ with clear and precise cues to build communication with our dogs. We show you how to be an effective leader by being confident and consistent in your approach

Our Essential Life Skills Programme is a convenient rolling schedule and has been created to develop all the skills you and your dog need to live in harmony together. Find out more

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Who we are

Click-2-Heel was established by Di Martin in 2005 and it has developed into a thriving dog community helping hundreds of dogs and their owners to understand each other and live together in harmony.

It offers the widest range of courses, workshops and one-to-one training sessions to meet the needs of all dogs whatever their age or problem.

Di and her team run their dog training classes in Bracknell and work one to one throughout Berkshire and the surrounding counties.

Watch Di and Lulu winning at Crufts

Meet the Team

Di Martin

The founder of Click-2-Heel dog training which has been established since 2005. Di has actively trained her own dogs in Competitive Obedience for 30 years, winning Crufts in 2011.

Di is an advanced instructor under the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme and a certified Behavioural Adjustment Training (BAT) instructor for aggression and anxiety-based behaviour which she has actively used since 2012. She has great experience in solving behavioural problems and works with clients to put in place practical step by step approaches to resolving more complex issues.

BAT is a technique for handling frustration, nervousness and anxiety issues around dogs, people and new stimuli as well as helping to gain a more neutral response to environmental factors. Di combines this with general confidence building, advanced handling techniques as well as interactive training games to ensure your dog has the best programme of development.

As a prominent figure in dog sports Di is often invited to be a guest trainer at obedience clubs across the UK and Europe.

Di’s passion is for clients to experience the unique relationship she has with her own dogs and strives to find methods that will inspire you all.



Rebekah Day Dog trainer in woodsRebekah Day

Rebekah has been a dog trainer since 2017 and ran her own dog training business for four years before joining Click-2-Heel in 2022. She runs our puppy, essential life skills and scentwork classes as well as delivering individual 1-2-1 training sessions for puppies and adult dogs. Rebekah brings her specialism in hoopers to the Click-2-Heel family, delivering introductory classes as well as regular hoopers classes. She is an accredited animal training instructor with the animal behaviour and training council (ABTC), is a member of the professional association of canine trainers (PACT) and holds a degree in animal behaviour and welfare. She trains her own dogs in gundog, heelwork to music freestyle and trains and competes in hoopers.


Kirstie McCracken

Kirsty dog trainer in BracknellKirstie joined the Click-2-Heel family in 2021 and has many years of experience in hands-on working with dogs. She delivers puppy and essential life skills classes as well as supporting the delivery of competitive obedience classes and home visits to clients. Kirstie can also often be found behind the lens of a camera as she captures video footage of training in action, ready to include in our educational training videos for clients. Back at home the training doesn’t stop, as she has three young standard poodles and a poochon.




Claire sharp and lottie poodleClaire Sharp

Claire joined Click-2-Heel in 2020 and delivers puppy, essential life skills and scentwork classes. She runs many of the Click-2-Heel pack walks; helping clients to put the training from classes into practice in outdoor environments. Claire also pops up in lots of places across Click-2-Heel, helping the business to run smoothly. She helps with marketing, customer support, finance, systems, developing training plans, scripting training guides and copywriting. In amongst all that, she always finds plenty of time to spend with her own standard poodle.



Louise Peach Louise Peach

Louise joined the Click-2-Heel team in 2023, having run her own dog training business for many years. She delivers Click-2-Heel’s gundog training classes, individual 121 training sessions and behavioural consultations to help dogs and their owners with more complex issues such as separation anxiety and reactivity. Louise is a full IMDT and APDT member and an assessor with The Gundog Club. Having completed a Foundation degree in Applied Canine Behaviour and Training at Bishop Burton, Louise is now in the process of completing the BSc, ensuring she is up to date with the latest research and methods. Louise is passionate about using science-based, non-aversive methods to bring out the best in both dogs and their owners alike. Away from work, she spends time with her family and her own three dogs – a sprocker, Labrador and working cocker spaniel – as well as her two cats.





Hannah Garnett dog trainerHannah Garnett

Hannah became a professional dog trainer after graduating from Oxford university. Having led puppy training and dog agility classes at another centre for a number of years, she joined the Click-2-Heel team in 2023 where she delivers individual 1-2-1 training sessions for puppies and adult dogs. Hannah is accredited under the VSA academy for dog training and behaviour and takes pride in being able to strengthen the relationship between dogs and their owners. At home, she enjoys training and spending time with her Cavapoo.







Carla JonesCarla Jones

Carla is available in the office to ensure you have a friendly knowledgeable person to answer your concerns and questions. She manages all customer communications, bookings and payments as well as having the unenviable task of managing the ever-busy Click-2-Heel diary.